Cilbond 20

CILBOND 20Cilbond 20E is supplied in 10L, 25L and 200L containers. 250ml trial samples are also available upon request. Please contact us or call 01772 322888.

Bonding Capabilities:

Cilbond 20 is a very high-performance one-component bonding system developed for bonding Vamac® G and Natural Rubber compounds to metals and polar plastic substrates. The full bonding capabilities of Cilbond 20 as a one-component bonding system are shown on the Technical data sheet.

Where to use Cilbond 20:

  • High-performance engine and suspension mounts (including hydromounts)
  • TVD’s, bushings, hydrobushes and other couplings
  • Hoses / hose couplings
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Belts, including high-performance timing belts
  • Rollers and wheels
  • Pump linings, including progressing cavity pump stators
  • Tank Linings
  • Other rubber to metal bonded components requiring a heat and dynamic fatigue resistant bond

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Interested? For more information on Cilbond 20E bonding agent, please contact us or call 01772 322888.

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