Cilbond 45SF

CILBOND 45SFCilbond 45SF is supplied in 10L, 25L and 200L. 250ml trial samples are also available upon request. Please contact us or call 01772 322888.

Bonding Capabilities:

Cilbond 45SF is a one coat bonding system for PU’s and TPU’S to all metals during the curing process. It will also bond polyurethane elastomers to polyamides and other engineering thermoplastics, such as Hytrel®, polyester, PES, PPS and PPO, at 80ºC or above.

Where to use Cilbond 45SF:

End applications for products using Cilbond 45SF include:

  • Rollers for the paper and textile industries
  • Solid tyres
  • Carriage wheels
  • Pipe linings and pipe coatings
  • Any product with an engineering bond between a PU elastomer and a metal or plastic substrate.

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Interested? For more information on Cilbond 45SF bonding agent, please contact us or call 01772 322888.

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