Cilbond 62W for the Friction Industry

CILBOND 62WCilbond 62W is free from lead and virtually free from solvent and is suppliedin 10 litre, 25 litre containers and 200 litre stirrer drums. 250ml trial samples are also available upon request. Please contact us or call 01772 322888.

Bonding Capabilities:

Cilbond 62W is a one-coat bonding system for compounds used in the Friction Industry to manufacture products such as Original-Equipment (OE) and After-Market Brake Pads. It bonds to all metals used for making brake pads, including Zn/Ni coatings.

In-service benefits of Cilbond 62W:

Cilbond 62W produces vulcanised bonds exhibiting:

  • Excellent static and dynamic fatigue resistance
  • Heat resistance exceeding 300C
  • Excellent resistance to fluids including water, oils and fuels (including diesel and synthetic mixtures such as methanol and toluene), even at high temperatures
  • Superior salt-spray resistance, even compared to solvent-based systems

Brake pads produced using Cilbond 62W exhibit good bond retention to shear testing at 300C. Pads produced using Cilbond 62W also pass cyclic tests involving heating the brake pads to 400C before quenching them in cold water for 30 cycles, followed by salt-spray testing.


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