Cilcure B

CILCURE BCilcure B is supplied in 1kg, 5kg and 25kg containers. Trial samples are also available upon request. Please contact us or call 01772 322888.

Applications and Usage:

Cilcure B is used as an additive for the Cilbond 40 Series products and Cilbond 80ET to enhance adhesion and improve environmental resistance.

As with all isocyanates Cilcure B is a reactive material and it must be stored in a sealed container in a cool dry environment. After use, always seal container to avoid undue contact with air. Avoid excessive heat (>40ºC) and avoid storage at temperatures below 10ºC. If the product exhibits excessive haziness and sediment, store for several days at a high temperature of 35 – 45ºC. This will help to re-dissolve any crystallised dimer.

In use, do not stir, shake or roll the drum. Decant off the clear/hazy liquid and avoid using any solid sediment.

When used as a bonding agent additive, it is important not to add any solid residue as this will not dissolve in the adhesive and cause problems in application equipment.

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