Insulating Glass & Glazing Sealants

Insulating Glass & Glazing SealantsKommerling is recognised as Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of Insulating Glass sealants. The product range includes Polyurethane, Polysulphide, Hotmelt and Silicone sealants which, along with our products for Resin laminating, Solar and Photovoltaic and our offerings for Structural Glazing make it the most comprehensive range in the industry.

Kommerling boasts a product for every type of Insulating Glass, from the domestic window where energy ratings are critical, to the most advanced structural glazing as seen in some of the world's most prestigious buildings.

For safety and security glass, our range of liquid composites for glass lamination offers a perfect solution. These composites are also used for sound, environmental and blast proof applications.

An overview of our glass and glazing products is shown below:

Primary Sealants

Thermoplastic synthetic rubber sealants based on Polyisobutylene for the Primary Seal

Secondary Sealants

A range of two part sealants based on Polysulphide, Polyurethane and silicone for the Secondary Seal


A thermoplastic spacer material with integrated desiccant, increasingly popular with manufacturers seeking a warm edge product

Hotmelt Sealants

A single component product based on butyl. The number 1 choice of the majority of IG producers of all sizes

Products for Structural Glazing

A range of specially developed high performance Structural Glazing sealants, a glass assembly technique where the glass elements are bonded to the supporting aluminium or stainless steel structure

Products for Direct Glazing Two part Silicone and Polyurethane products for the direct bonding of insulating glass to the window sash - the latest technology in fenestration design that uses the Insulating Glass Units as an integral part of the load bearing capability of the window
Liquid Composites A extensive range for the production of laminated glass with enhanced sound insulation and safety properties. Highly flexible application, in particular when used with ornamental or shaped sheets of glass

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