Solar & Photovoltaic Sealants and Adhesives

Solar & Photovoltaic Sealants and AdhesivesThe comprehensive range of products for these new industries is based on PIB, Polyurethane, Silicone and MS Polymer technologies, as well as acrylic and butyl tapes.

The products have been designed to provide the best solution for bonding and sealing Photovoltaic and Solar panels. The focus in panel sealing is the protection of the panel components against ageing and functional loss due to environmental factors. This is done by eliminating the ingress of liquids and gases from the atmosphere.

Liquid application of these systems allows design freedom for the solar panel construction. The elastic properties are a key feature of these products which allow movement and expansion and contraction of the structural components.

A selection of our Solar & Photovoltaic products are shown below:

HelioSeal® Base Properties Application
PVS 100 Modified PIB Moisture vapour barrier with nitrated desiccant Dual sealed PV modules in combination with HelioBond® PVA 200
PVS 101 Modified PIB

Moisture vapour barrier with integrated desiccant. High volume resistivity

Single Sealed thin film PV modules. Multi layer


Moisture vapour barrier. High volume resistivity

Sealing of ribbons and junction boxes
PVS 210 1-part Silicone alcoxy curing

UV resistant. Excellent ageing resistance. High elongation. Wide adhesion range

Installation sealant for PV modules. Frame assembly and bonding of the junction box

HelioBond® Base Properties Application
PVA 200 2-part Silicone

UV resistant. High modulus. Fast curing

Structural adhesive for PV modules. Dual Seal. Back rail bonding.

PVA 205

1-part Silicone oxime curing

UV resistant. High modulus

Manufacturing and installation of PV modules. Frame assembly and bonding of the junction box

PVA 303 AT Acrylate

Acrylic Tape. High immediate adhesion. Peel and stick. High strength

Frame assembly and bonding of the junction box. Assembly aid

PVA 400 1-part MS polymer

Good adhesive properties. Over paintable

Silicone free bonding and sealing of PV and solar thermal components
PVA 500 2-part Polyurethane

High modulus. Fast curing

Back rail bonding
PVA 600 BT Thermal Set Butyl

Adhesive Tape. High tack. Peel and stick

Extensive bonding of flexible PV modules on roofs

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